COMIC REVIEW: Angry Birds Transformers #3

Kids love Transformers and Angry Birds but are they really two great tastes that taste great together? Let’s ask 8-year old Lucas.

RAMP-EGG! When the Angry Birds’ precious eggs become leg-having, weapon-bearing rampaging eggs of mass destruction, the Autobirds must team up with the Deceptihogs to save Piggy Island! How much more mixed-up can this mash-up possibly get?!

Geek Syndicate: Lucas, you’re back reviewing comics for GS, what have you been reading this time?

I’ve been reading Angry Birds Transformers issue 3, I’ve read issues 1 & 2 and they were very good but they didn’t remind me of the game.

GS: Why not?

One difference in the comics is that the mortar towers are shaped like eggs and not pigs. In issue 3 the Autobirds team up with the Deceptihogs to fight the Eggbots, who are the baddies. The Eggbots want to destroy Piggy Island which is where they all live, they’re turning all the buildings into giant turrets and destroying the city.

GS: You’ve read and seen a lot of Transformers, are the characters similar to their original versions?

Yes, Bumblebee starts off with his voice but loses it because Megatron Pig tramples on his voicebox so he just beeps. Terrence, who is Heatwave, when he says something it just comes out as “…” so he’s the strong silent type.

GS: You’ve played a lot of the game, are all the characters in the game in the comic?

Some of them are actually different, you don’t get to play as Blue Streak, Drift and Arcee in the game right now, they might update it so that you can. There’s lots of action in this issue, the Autobirds and Deceptihogs are squabbling before they team up to fight the Eggbots. Optimus Bird is a good leader, the only thing Megatron Pig cares about is eating the eggs. Galvatron makes lots of egg jokes, he says things like “eggsactly”.

GS: Did you like the art?

Yes it’s nice, the characters look the same as the game but the backgrounds are very different. What I don’t get is that Blue Streak is played by three birds and transforms into a truck connected to a motorcycle which is really weird [GS note: Lucas points to a motorbike and sidecar] because the two feet turn into the truck and the head turns into a motorcycle.

 GS: How do you rate it out of 5?

I’d give it four because Blue Streak has always turned into a sports car and I think they’ve changed some of the characters too much. Also Jazz has been pulled back a bit, he’s just in the background he doesn’t do cool things like in the episode of G1 Transformers where he uses the speakers in his car to blast the Decepticons. I’m still looking forward to issue 4.

GS Rating: 4/5

Title: Angry Birds Transformers #3

Publisher: IDW

Reviewer: Lucas Williams (aged 8)

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