COMIC REVIEW: Atomic Robo – Deadly Art of Science #2

Jack Tarot, Scourge of the Chicago Crime Syndicate, stalks the mean streets of New York City hunting down the truth behind a baffling series of high-tech robberies! Though if he knew that’d involve mentoring Atomic Robo, he’d have stayed home. Hey, what’s Jack hiding behind that mask? And how does he shoot with it on anyway, I don’t see no eye-holes! Also starring Jack’s beautiful organic daughter! And a man with two skulls! And Tesla! And vampires! Again!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Atomic Robo; my favorite version of Robo is the naive and inquisitive 1920’s Robo. So the Current arc is right up my street.  This issue continues to follow Robo as he is out looking for adventure and unfortunately for masked vigilante Jack Tarot, Robo has set his sights on becoming his apprentice.

Tarot and his Daughter, Helen, investigate the theft of the Crystal Skull by interviewing its owner Mr Mitchell-Hedges. Meanwhile Robo and his father conduct an experiment that ends with monstrous results. The writing is witty, clever and Brian Clevinger makes sure there is something to make you chuckle on every page. Whilst reading the dialogue you can feel Tarot getting more and more annoyed with every question the young Robo asks.

The Artwork by the always on form Scott Wegener is excellent! He somehow still manages to surprise me with his ability to have Robo portray emotion when Robo is a robot without facial muscles. He accomplishes this but having Robo cock his head in at different angles and also using Robo’s “eyelids” to narrow or widen his eyes. It’s simple and very effective.

If i have to nit pick and find something to fault the issue on it would have to be the lack of action. There is only one action sequence and it didn’t last long and you didn’t get to see much action.

So taking all that into account i’ll give Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #2 4 out of 5.

Atomic Robo – Deadly Art of Science is shaping up to be one of the Best Atomic Robo series yet. I highly recommend you go out right now and buy it! And whilst you’re at it go pick up the Trades of the other Atomic Robo arcs

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