COMIC REVIEW: Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #6

Not merely content with giving the comic reading world one of the most fun and enjoyable comics every month, the Atomic Robo team started to step it up this year with releasing Real Science Adventures as well. Adding depth to what is already one of the greatest comic universes, in my opinion, Real Science Adventures features pieces of or the entirety of five different stories each month.

In this, the sixth issue of Real Science Adventures, we get the resolution on our two stories that have been given to us piece by piece over the last few months, get two new short stories, and get a “classic” mini-Robo adventure. As the cover promises, Conspiracy, kung-fu, clones, crabs, and slightly more await within. None of the stories disappoint at all, and only add to the Robo-verse and some of the supporting characters.

Without going into detail on the individual stories, I just have to say that the issue as a whole is definitely worth a read. If you’ve read the previous issues, you would be doing yourself an injustice to miss out on this one. All the short stories are written by regular Robo scribe Brian Clevinger, and show his signature wit and humor. Clevinger’s writing has created one of the most fun and optimistic comic universes in existence, all while making fantastic stories.

Four different artists work on the issue: Ryan Cody, Erica Henderson, Zack Finfrock, and John Broglia, with Finfrock doing the art for a new story and having a previous story of his reprinted. All the art, though different with each artist, fits within the overall feel of the Atomic Robo universe. Each style feels at least a bit cartoony, never being too moody or serious.

Overall, a great issue of a comic that makes one week a month just spectacular. Real Science Adventures is a fun complement to the regular series, and should not be missed.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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