COMIC REVIEW: Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #1

Lord Baltimore is missing. The Red King—evil incarnate—is taking over the world. Baltimore’s team has been driven apart, with some of them dying on the frontlines while others are in hiding.

Since the day he set out for revenge on the vampire who killed his family, Baltimore’s fight has gotten bigger than he’d ever imagined, but what role will he take as evil finally threatens to consume the world?

The story of Lord Baltimore has always been a personal one, as he struggles to locate his family’s killer and avenge their deaths. As a result, it has been the adventures of Baltimore and his associates which have been in the foreground, while the impending apocalypse has remained in the background – a potential which may occur if our heroes fail. In this first issue of Baltimore: The Red Kingdom, that potential has been realised and the entire world is engulfed in the apocalypse of the Red King. In a series of amazing pages from artist Peter Bergting and colorist Michelle Madsen we experience in a visceral way the threat which Lord Baltimore must now confront: vampires, cultists and Cthulhoid creatures overwhelm the armies of Europe and all seems lost (these scenes are reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch’s landscapes of Hell). Now is the time for our hero to stride forth and take back the world and exact his revenge ! However, in a clever twist, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden linger on the carnage and only recap the adventures of Lord Baltimore. It seems he is missing, and those who are battling to defeat the Red King are desperate to find out where he is and what he is doing. This was a great way to bring new readers up to speed, while also propelling the plot forward; while character moments reward those of us who have been reading from the beginning. The final panel reveal is not a surprising one, but is a perfect way to end the issue and leave us eager for more. What more can a first issue do ?

Title: Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #1 

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Rating: 5/5

ReviewerBrett Harris 

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