COMIC REVIEW: Black Magick Vol 1: Awakening Part 1

SPECIAL LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $9.99 Rowan Black is a detective with the Portsmouth PD… and a witch, two aspects of her life she has struggled to keep separate. Now someone is targeting Rowan, someone who knows her secrets and means to expose her… or worse. Collects BLACK MAGICK #1-5.

Being a huge (bordering on obsessive) fan of both Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott I was always going to buy this book, even though I am not as keen on stories about modern witches. A mere ten pages into the story, though, and all of my misgivings disappeared, as if by magick (sorry, this will be the only bad witch-pun in the review; I promise !). The art from Nicola Scott is even more beautiful than her work on Wonder Woman, as she paints each page in black and white. This makes the images simultaneously dreamlike and photo-realistic.  The dreamlike quality is enhanced when Rowan and her fellow witches (one of whom, Alex, is my favourite new character in comics !) use magick. Spells are shown as flashes of colour, and people/objects affected by magic similarly change colour to reflect their new state.


The end of the first chapter sets up an intriguing mystery in an explosive way, and from that point on I avidly turned page after page, excited by each new twist and turn. I can only imagine how much more this book will be enjoyed by fans of witch stories, because for this “scrooge” it was ensorcelled by this glamorous story ! (okay, I lied about the bad witch puns).

Title: Black Magick, Vol. 1: Awakening Part 1

Publisher: Image

Rating: 4.5/5

ReviewerBrett Harris 

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