COMIC REVIEW: Buzzkill #3

Buzzkill_3_CoverFrom Dark Horse Comics comes Buzzkill, a comic about a superhero who gains his powers from abusing drugs and alcohol. It’s a story of addiction (and possibly redemption) from Donny Cates, Mark Reznicek, and Geoff Shaw. It takes the hero from superpowered and invincible to small and fragile, but his enemies won’t stop coming.




Reuben, along with his sponsor Dr. Blaqk, begin his process of making amends as part of his AA program. Reuben makes  a trip to his former super hero team and to an ex-girlfriend, both of which end less than nicely. But it’s when the villain Reuben thought he’d defeated finally comes out of his coma that Reuben will really be put to the test.

With the germ of an idea coming from Mark Reznicek and a bit of refinement from Donny Cates, Buzzkill is an interesting story. Drugs and alcohol can obviously make a person feel like they have superpowers, but what if they actually gave them powers? Cates and Reznicek handle it in a serious and respectful way, giving addiction the treatment it needs. The dialogue feels genuine, making the conversations read that much better. While this issue is really just a taste of the story, it’s enough to set up the idea of a man either living or dying by his addiction and the heavy choice he’ll have to make.

Geoff Shaw’s art is great at setting the mood of the scene. Whether it’s the few more action-oriented pages in this issue or the many more quiet and reserved pages, Shaw has a way of capturing the feelings of the characters. As Reuben apologizes for his past actions and misdeeds, the reader can see the anguish and pain on his face as he recounts his mistakes and those he’s hurt. The amount of expression that Shaw’s art conveys helps make the comic something top-notch.

With the miniseries wrapping up soon, it’s definitely time to get on Buzzkill before it’s gone. A superhero story with a twist that’s still richly human, it’s a great book.
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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