COMIC REVIEW: Captain Ultimate #2

CaptainUltimate_1_CoverPicking up where the first issue left off, Captain Ultimate #2 from Joey Esposito, Ben Bailey, and Boy Akkerman and MonkeyBrain Comics continues the story of what happens when the world’s greatest hero, long thought disappeared, suddenly comes back. With the help of a brave boy named Milo, Captain Ultimate saves the city and makes a grand reemergence. Even with all the excitement, things still aren’t completely safe, as readers are about to find out.


Due to his association with Captain Ultimate, Milo is now the coolest kid in school. But, this relationship also brings some bad things as old time Ultimate villain Doctor Destruction has singled out Milo as a target for his wrath. Luckily, Captain Ultimate is able to save the day, as Milo gets his classmates to safety. After the battle, Milo invites Ultimate back to his house for dinner and to meet his parents. Over dinner, Captain Ultimate has a few surprises, much to Milo’s delight and his mother’s terror.

Esposito and Bailey continue to write a completely and totally wholesome comic that is as much fun for a four year old as it is for a twenty-one year old. Both me and my four-year old nephew will tell you this. It reads fluidly, with great pacing. The introduction of some new characters is fantastic, adding both a solid villain and the greatest animal sidekick since Krypto.

Akkerman’s art is wonderful. Relatively, but wonderfully expressive, it’s akin more to Saturday Morning Cartoons than most current comics, but that’s a perfect fit for this story. The nice touch of having Captain Ultimate and Doctor Destruction, both seemingly Golden Age relics, are “textured” with pantone dots like comics of old appeared.

As with the first issue, this is a definite must-buy. As with all MonkeyBrain books, it can be purchased on comiXology. And for just $0.99, you’d be crazy not to

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson


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