ChangeAles Kot, who wrote the amazing and weird graphic novel Wild Children earlier this year, is back with a new miniseries, Change. It’s just as odd as his previous work, but is it as good?

Change is essentially the story of three people: W-2, a rapper who wants to make a Lovecraft inspired film; Sonia Bjornquist, would-be big-time screenwriter who was writing, and then fired from, W-2’s movie; and the Astronaut, a man returning from his trip to Europa. These three stories are interconnected it seems, with W-2 and Sonia having the most obvious connection and the Astronaut surely being more than just a random occurrence. Throw into the mix a cult, habitable moons, pet funerals, and an odd shadow in the ocean, and Change might be something that surprises everyone.

Ales Kot is easily one of the most unique writers in comics today. I’ve sat here and typed this sentence at least ten times trying to describe his writing, but it just hasn’t worked yet. His writing is something else entirely. It’s an odd mixture of prose, personal leanings, philosophy, and much more. It’s unlike most comics being printed today, and that’s something that should be celebrated. He brings a new perspective to his comics, and with it brings some interesting stories. Change is sure to be an interesting story, if this issue is anything sort of indication.

Morgan Jeske’s art fits perfectly, I feel. It’s detailed and expressive and helps bring out the qualities of the story. The Astronaut sequences are so dark and lonely, as I’m sure they’re supposed to be, and it’s because of Jeske’s art. His art makes Change work, is basically how I feel. Even with Kot’s great writing, the story wouldn’t be near as interesting or amazing with the art of Jeske.

I’m really digging this book. It feels a lot like Kot’s work on Wild Children, in that I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but that’s a great thing. The fact that I don’t already know everything that will happen in this book just from seeing the beginning makes this something special. I’m on board for the ride, and I think you should be too.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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