First released over a year ago after issue 18 and initially confusing everyone, issue 27 finally makes sense now! After the beginning of the most recent story arc in issue 26, we now know what’s going on in 27. We follow Tony Chu, cibopathic cop, and his motley crew of friends as they live in a world where chicken is illegal and sometimes you just have to eat a guy to solve  crime.

The story again centers on Antonelle “Toni” Chu, Tony’s twin sister. We find her visiting her brother in the hospital when a visitor arrives. We then get some background on one of Toni’s previous assignments for NASA. Toni then heads out to meet an old friend who has a problem. This leads to a raid on an illegal chicken joint. After the raid, Toni heads back to the hospital, where it seems that Tony has yet another visitor.

What can I say about this story that is bad? Pretty much nothing. John Layman plots a tight script with wonderful pacing. The story itself is so kooky and crazy, and keeps you engrossed in it. In the hands of most people, a world with cannibal cops and chogs would be something too odd to read, but with John Layman it’s somehow grounded, even in all its craziness. It could be a little much for some readers, but if so, then Chew just isn’t the comic for you.

Rob Guillory’s art is the signature of Chew, as I’m sure I’ve said before. Take one look at the book, and his art is immediately recognizable. His attention to detail and wonderful character sketches only add to Layman’s already stellar characters. His art is the left to Layman’s writing’s right. The two go together so very well.

Overall, I loved this issue, as I love pretty much all issues of Chew. Layman and Guillory do a great, great job. Everything comes together well for another stellar issue. Pick it up, people. Go buy Chew right now!

P.S. Stick around for the little mini-story in the back. It’s definitely worth your while.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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