After the recent reprinting of issue 27 ,which originally came out roughly a year ago, and the one-shot of Secret Agent Poyo, we finally get a new issue from the Chew Crew. This new issue serves as something of a setup for bigger, more sinister things, but don’t let that make you think it’s any less enjoyable than any other Chew issue.

The issue starts off with what else, but exploding meat. As the issue progresses, Tony gets a few visitors and Toni loses a finger to a certain luchador rooster. Colby and Caesar abduct Tony from the hospital to help them out on a case in a way that only Tony can. Poyo takes care of the bad guys and the issue ends with more exploding meat.

Though it served as more of a “setup issue”, this was still quite a fun read. I really enjoy the flashbacks to previous encounters that Toni and Caesar had with one another, as they’re always a silly moment. Honestly, I would love to see an issue that expounds on some of these encounters a bit more. As with all Chew stories, the issue was well-written on John Layman’s part, and illustrated uniquely and superbly on Rob Guillory’s part. These two men are responsible for a comic that I enjoy more than just about any other. Every single month they put out one of the most original books on the stand, and that is a true accomplishment. In a market full of superheroes, they chose to focus on an Asian detective with weird food-based powers, and they’ve made one of the best comics around with it. This issue is just the latest in a line of absolutely fantastic work from this team.

If you’re not already reading Chew, go find some trades and get caught up. I promise that it’ll be well worth your time. If you don’t enjoy it, then you just don’t love comics.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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