COMIC REVIEW: Comeback #1

ComebackAs I’ve said numerous times before, Image is putting out some stellar sci-fi titles. Comeback is sure to add to that already long list, if this first issue is any indication.


The basic premise of Comeback is that there are some slightly shady people that can time travel up to about two months into the past and save your loved ones from dying, but only if you’re willing to pay their price, which runs somewhere around five million. Two partners, Seth and Mark, make the trips to the past saving lives, but at what cost? Seth decides he’s done after one more mission, and it seems that maybe someone else isn’t too happy with their trips to the past.

Written by Ed Brisson, Comeback is an interesting take on the idea of time travel. There’s a limit to the time that can be traveled and some other limits about who can and can’t be transported, it seems. It’s a very interesting idea and I think Brisson executes it well. The dialogue is good and the pacing has the story moving along at a good, steady clip. By the end of the first issue, you’re left with many questions, but also given enough information that you’re hooked.

Michael Walsh renders Comeback beautifully. His style is very tight and expressive, which allows the action sequences and deaths to be even more explosive and traumatic. While his art is impressive, Jordie Bellaire’s coloring lends an even greater amount of feeling and quality to it. The two compliment each other very well.

Comeback is good. It’s a solid first issue and while it could be better, I think it’s more than enough to make me come back (see what I did there?) for more next month. If you love time travel, buddy cop movies, and exploding heads, be sure to pick up Comeback.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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