COMIC REVIEW: Complex #1

Complex is, well, complex. Created by Michael Malkin of Impulsive Ideas, and then later picked up by Alterna Comics, and first published as eight-page vignettes, Complex is the story of a group of people in a place called Towne, where most seem to be held against their will.

At 59 pages, the first issue of Complex would be a lot to summarize, but here’s a quick shot: We find that some of the people in this town seem to be there against their will, with the others making sure they stay docile. A rather shady looking research operation seems to be behind it all, an operation headed by Jason Sinclair. We find that Sinclair uses spouses to help control the confined subjects without them knowing it. Some of the prisoners, namely Amber, fight back against the people controlling them. By the end of the issue, one of the men, Zach, has started to remember that things aren’t what they seem, and he means to do something about it, even telling his “wife” that he knows she’s doing something to make him forget.

Michael Malkin makes a strong showing in Complex. He’s able to craft a story that fits well with the strange going-ons in it. His story is complex and dense. He gives you a lot to process, but withholds so much information from you, at the same time. Malkin shows a definite knack for crafting nice dialogue, with some tenseness between the characters where needed. His writing and storytelling are very good and definitely keep the reader interested.

The art is done by someone simply known as Kay. Kay’s art fits the story well, I feel. It shows the oddness of the story and the disorientation that the characters sometimes feel. Her characters are expressive and they show emotion well. Malkin made a good choice in working with Kay on this project.

Overall, I enjoyed this comic. It was a good chunk of a read, but the pacing kept things moving along well. Sometimes, things were a little hard to follow, but all this was cleared up before it was over. There are still lingering questions which hopefully will get answered in the next issue.

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Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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