COMIC REVIEW: Creator-Owned Heroes #2

 More Creator-Owned Heroes is here! This awesome monthly comic/anthology/magazine brings us the next adventures of the American Muscle crew and TriggerGirl 6. In addition to those two great stories, we get some interviews, how-to guides, editorials, and much more.

First up, we see TriggerGirl 6 as she continues her mission, causing panic and wreaking havoc. She eventually makes her way to the White House, using what appears to be acid spit to break through a window and attack the President. After uttering her first line of the comic by saying the President’s name, TriggerGirl is knocked out, and we find out that she looks a bit familiar to President Clarkson.

With American Muscle, we see how the group deals with the odd, mutated-looking people from the wasteland. The group then sits around a campfire, contemplating their next move. Gil leaves the group during the night, and finds that he probably should’ve stuck with them.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray write a very interesting story for TriggerGirl 6. A mostly silent protagonist working for a shady organization is always a definite draw, and these two certainly put their own spin on things. The writing is spot on. The dialogue, or lack thereof for some characters, is well done. The pacing of the story brings you along at a nice speed, with things happening just fast enough to keep you guessing. I honestly can’t get enough.

Phil Noto makes TriggerGirl 6 look so beautiful. His art is flawless. With a story where the title character has rarely spoken so far, the art has to do a large job. Noto easily steps up to the plate. His art is just gorgeous. I really can’t say enough about it. His work here shows just how great of an artist he is.

Steve Niles has made American Muscle a good read so far. There are some unanswered questions concerning the story and the characters, but it definitely makes you want more. His dialogue and story definitely pull you in and won’t let you go. You really feel the need to find out what these characters will do and who they are as people.

Kevin Mellon’s style fits American Muscle perfectly, I think. The feel of his style meshes very well with the feel of the story. His characters are expressive and well-done, and it makes them that much more likable. I absolutely love his art on this title and definitely hope so see more of it.

In addition to all this story and art awesomeness, we also get interviews, a Kickstarter how-to, and other things. This book is so full of greatness, that it’s almost unimaginable. Get it, people, get.

Title: Creator-Owned Heroes #2

Story by: Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray

Art By: Phil Noto & Kevin Mellon

Publisher: Image Comics

GS Rating: 5/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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