COMIC REVIEW: Creator-Owned Heroes #4

The new dual-story-comic/magazine/best-thing-ever is back this month with tons of features. The two creative teams wrap up their stories, and we get a tease of the stories starting next month. We’ve also got some great interviews and editorials from the teams behind the comic.

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Phil Noto deliver a final chapter of TriggerGirl 6 – the ending was a bit unexpected, at least to me. No doubt, it was still wonderful. We find out those behind the TriggerGirls and the attempts to assassinate the President. As the President confronts this group and discovers the reason for their actions, we get some resolution as he seeks to make some changes. In this resolution, TriggerGirl 6 must make a life of her own. With one of the best lines ever written in a comic in “I’m not gonna kill a talking lion. Not now. Not ever,” Palmiotti and Gray write a fun, different story with some more serious undertones. They write the characters well, even the non-human ones. It makes for an enjoyable read, especially coupled with Phil Noto’s amazing art. TriggerGirl would look nowhere near as good without Noto, that much is for sure.

Steve Niles and Kevin Mellon put together a nice fourth chapter for American Muscle. On the run from the Mutants, the crew must make some crazy decisions to keep from dying. It’s in this crazy situation that they realize that what they’re searching for is right in front of them. Niles does great with the writing and Mellon does art that I’ve become a bit attached to. It’s slightly comedic in both a serious and not so serious way. I know that makes no sense, but it’s how I see it.  With the way the story ends, it’s definitely left open for more installments down the road, which I certainly hope happens.

Overall, this very unique book is still probably the best book for your money. At four bucks, it’s so packed full of goodness that you’re crazy not to buy it. So, don’t be crazy and just buy it!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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