COMIC REVIEW: Creator-Owned Heroes #8

Creator-Owned Heroes 8 CoverThis final issue of Creator-Owned Heroes wraps up the current story lines and gives the reader three interviews that celebrate creator-owned comics. It’s a fitting end to a great series that was ended too soon.

Niles and Morse wrap up Meatbag with an ending that leaves you with a feeling of dread. The simple black/white/blue art adds extra impact to the storytelling, as does the choice of having the narration frame the characters and art. The story was short, sweet, and left more than a few questions.

Darwyn Cooke gives a very personal short story for this final issue of COH. According to his introduction, The Spirit of the Harbour is a short comic he’d given to his now-wife many years ago. It’s a short, emotional, and powerful story about a man finding a woman in a most unusual way.

Palmiotti, Gray, Lando, and Mounts end Killswitch in what I felt was a predictable, but satisfying ending. Brandon goes to great lengths to enact his revenge on Traci, but it ends on a soft note.

The interviews are the highlight of the issue, in my opinion. There are three interviews, one each with Robert Kirkman, The Brothers Hernandez, and Bryan Lee O’Malley. Each interview shows  how these different creators not only created their own works, but how they’ve dealt with the success. It’s these interviews that show the real power of creator-owned projects, which Creator-Owned Heroes is really about.

Though it’s sad to see the series end, it ended on a great note. Each story was wrapped up in a satisfying way and the interviews only highlighted the spirit of creator-owned comics. It’s a fitting ending to what will be a sorely missed series.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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