COMIC REVIEW: Dark Horse’s Ghost


Ghost – Dark Horse’s new title… but does it stand a ‘ghost’ of a chance?  I’m an aficionado of horror comics: Weird War Tales, Creepy, Tales from the Crypt – I loved them all. So I was quite keen to read Ghost and hopefully find something to fill the gap missing in my comic consumption.
I really wanted to like Ghost but sadly it just didn’t grab me.

Dark Horse’s Ghost #0 gives an intro to the two central characters by opening with one of those awful Derek Acorah-type “Most Haunted” documentaries being made, but more of a low-budget YouTube version than mainstream TV. Naturally, the presenters discover a real ghost, a beautiful woman in white (think Kylie in the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” video); this ghost doesn’t communicate well, but has substance, and by that I mean, she can pick up objects, open books, rip out the heart of an armed thug.

The story then jumps quite jerkily into a plot line involving some sinister hoods chasing an object acquired by our heroes, and the final third of the comic was taken up with a body disposal and drafting in the third (human) character. Like I said, I really tried to like Ghost, but I couldn’t engage with any of the characters, including the ghost herself, and the plot just ddn’t have a hook that would make me buy the next issue.

Rating: 1/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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