COMIC REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Issue 2

All Gabriella Gonzalez wanted was to skip her shift at the Laundromat and hang out with her friends. It’s Halloween, and Sunset Park is hosting its first-ever Day of the Dead festival!

But her father wouldn’t listen – again – and now Gabby is stuck with a store full of empty washing machines while the rest of the neighborhood goes wild.

But this graveyard shift is living up to its name! Vortexes explode out of the machines, shadowy creatures stalk on the edge of sight, and Gabby finds herself pursued by unearthly forces.

Finally, on the longest night of her life, Gabby is trapped in a powerless subway car – and the only thing standing between her and horrific death-by-monster is some skinny white guy in a suit – who’s waving a blue flashlight around!

If Gabby survives this – she’s going to kill him!

Issue one concluded with our intrepid Time Lord entering Gabriella Gonzalez’ life on the New York subway as she was about to be attacked. This issue opens and the Doctor is very much centre stage as Gabby finds herself caught up in his investigation of local events.

As with last issue, the artwork is solid. Elena Casagrande draws a flowing narrative and captures enough of David Tennant’s likeness enough of the time that he is instantly recognisable. Of course, the beauty of each Doctor is that they have their signature costume and there can be little doubt of our hero’s identity with that slim-line profile and the flapping overcoat!

The issue is once again filled with dialogue as Gabby tries to make sense of not only events but also this strange man who has dropped into her life. I really like Gabby so far, although she is perhaps a little too unflappable to be believable. While chased through a subway train and then station by what appears to be a distorted and twisted version of herself, for example, she barely seems to lose her senses. That said, she’s very much in the Rose Tyler mould of companion. With such a familiarity to the reader – and the Doctor – it should come as no surprise if and when she travels further with him.

I mentioned last issue that the story was shaping up to be similar in many ways to the television episode Rose. This sense definitely continues here. We see a young, unsatisfied, contemporary human girl become involved through happenstance with one of the Doctor’s investigations. At first, he is reluctant to accept a companion but is impressed with her ingenuity, pluck and intelligence. In this case, it is Gabby who saves the day in the subway early in the issue though the Doctor tries to keep her at arm’s length. Of course, Smith and Jones was also a very similar structure and so the format is proven.

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Issue 2The truth about the strange events that Gabby has been experiencing thus far begins to be revealed this week and while it’s not an explanation wholly to my taste – specifically with the origin of one of the sets of creatures involved – it is one that works within the context of the story. Concern aside, there is a very credible threat to the populace here and it in itself is one that is well conceived and realised on the page.

The only major criticism I have of this issue is that I don’t think the writer has quite captured the Tenth Doctor’s voice. The quick-fire explanations and digressions of thought are there but they don’t seem to flow and there are little things like switching out “them” for “’em” which don’t feel right coming out of The Doctor’s mouth.

Again, the issue ends on a cliff-hanger climax that will leave the reader wanting more. On the whole, this issue was enjoyable but not quite up to the standard set by the “Doctor light” first issue. I also found myself becoming more and more intrigued over each panel in the final three pages as Gabby and The Doctor split up and the panels alternate between each. A double cliff-hanger. Can’t go wrong really!

Title: DOCTOR WHO – The Tenth Doctor Issue 2

Publisher: Titan Comics

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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