COMIC REVIEW: Dragon Age – Those Who Speak (1/3)

Dragon Age: Those Who Speak (1 of 3)

Back in July, we reviewed The Silent Grove which brought together characters from the two Dragon Age games in an intriguing and in my view, successful story that alluded to more adventures to come. This month’s release, Those Who Speak is the first of three issues that continue that story. Read on to find out our thoughts on this continuation of the Dragon Age saga.

The Blurb:

In this essential story from the lead writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age games, a king travels to an empire of evil mages to uncover the fate of his lost father! Accompanied by the pirate captain Isabela and the underworld merchant Varric, King Alistair will stop at nothing to learn the truth—even if it means battling an army of cultists single-handed!

The Review:

Having brought together three characters in the previous arc, this issue opens with only two. Isabela, the busty pirate captain has brought former Grey Warden Alistair and Dwarven Bard, Varric to the Demon-worshipping Mage run city of Tevinter. There, they attend a ball of the higher-classes of the city in order to discover some vital information for Alistair’s quest. As can be imagined with this trio, shenanigans do indeed ensue.

The wit of the characters which has already been established in other works shines through and at several times, I found myself openly grinning at the characters’ banter. On top of this, Isabela’s narration is excellent at both bringing out her character and filling the audience in on relevent background information.

Amongst the main plot, there is a hint of intrigue that could spell trouble between the main cast that I imagine will unravel as either this arc or subsequent ones. Inter-party conflict is always a good hook and as such, I’m interested to see how this plays out.

The art is strong, Chad Hardin brings just enough detail to the page that the reader feels immersed in the environments, without overwhelming the visual sense. Michael At iyeh brings a bold colour pallet that is inkeeping with that of the previous series and the games which established the world in which this story is set. A brutal set piece towards the middle of the issue is particularly well presented by the art team.

Overall, Those Who Speak (part 1), is an excellent read for fans of either the games or of the Fantasy genre in general, but I highly recommend reading The Silent Grove first as this issue is really a continuation of that story.

Dragon Age: Is published on 22 August 2012. A preview is available on the Dark Horse website.

Rating: 4 / 5

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