Drones, written by Chris Lewis and drawn by Bruno Oliveira, is described as The War On Terror…in Las Vegas. We follow two drone operators as they are trying to have a night out in Las Vegas. Yet things do not go to plan!

Drones is an interesting idea that seems to work however crazy it may sound. The story develops well, with a good pace to it. The panel structures are clever. They keep the reader wanting to turn the page. The dialogue is pretty solid with some amusing one-liners thrown in. A stand out scene is the car chase where the reader feels like they are dragged along for the ride!

For me there are two crucial things an issue one must do: the reader must bond to the characters to build some kind emotional connection to them and have a killer end to make the reader desperate to read on. Drones leaves you in a place where you are intrigued to see where the characters are going to go next and therefore has done its job. Some indie titles have left you wanting more, but Drones is solid enough to make the reader want issue two.

The art flows well with the story. In particular the colours by Cabral really add something to the images. There is a beautiful earthy tone to the book and yet manages to incorporate the bright lights of Vegas. Succeeding in getting this oh so vital juxtaposition between the desert colours and the shiny casinos was an important thing to do and it does it well. Further an early page illustrates the use of night vision. The neon greens mixed with a piercing white against the black backdrop really pop out of the page.

Drones is a solid issue one. There is something here that will make you want to see more. There are better indies out there but it has something and its concept is something that will make you intrigued. A pretty funny and interesting story that I want to see more of.

You can find out more about Drones here.

Rating: 3/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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