COMIC REVIEW: Final Night: Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night Crossover #1


Steve Niles, the king of horror comics, is finally getting the chance to bring two of his most popular creations together in this crossover. What happens when Cal McDonald meets Eben, and why do these two even meet in the first place?

Ever since Criminal Macabre began, the ghouls have been warning Cal that a war was coming. Cal never believed them, but as the crossover begins, we see that this war is about to happen, and Eben Olemaun, protagonist of the original 30 Days of Night, is the one bringing the war to a head.

In interest of no spoilers, I’ll keep my summary vague and brief. Cal just came back from the dead in the last Criminal Macabre story, so he’s a little under the weather, but, as always, evil doesn’t slow down just because he does. The ghouls discover something needing Cal’s attention, and this something acts as a precursor to the War of Darkness that they’ve warned Cal about for so long. As the story ends, an army is on the march, and Los Angeles will suffer for it.

Steve Niles makes this crossover happen effortlessly. The two stories naturally progressed to the point to where they could come together like this and not seem forced at all. Niles knows horror. He knows vampires, ghouls, and supernatural detectives, and it’s evident. Really looking forward to the further development of both Cal and Eben in this miniseries, and seeing how the conflict is resolved.

Christopher Mitten gives the book an appropriate look. The vampires look ghastly, Cal looks haggard, and the style fits the story perfectly. The gore has all the splatters and drips that make this series so visually appealing, and shadows lend a life of their own to each character. I can’t wait to see what I hope with be the ultimate showdown portrayed in the book.

It’s an exciting time for Steve Niles as two of his creations meet in this miniseries. It looks like the quality of both series is holding up as they meet, and I’m excited to follow along as Cal must deal with the War of Darkness.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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