COMIC REVIEW: Five Ghosts #8

Five Ghosts follows Fabian Gray, infamous thief and treasure hunter. As part of an incident with an item known as the “Dreamstone,” Fabian is now “haunted” by five literary ghosts: The Archer, The Detective, The Vampire, The Wizard, and The Samurai. Borrowing their powers, he steals the unstealable, but he still can’t get back the thing he wants most.

Writer Frank Barbiere is joined again by regular series artist Chris Mooneyham as the second arc gets further underway with more pirates, more action, and more ghosts. This issue also continues the Doc Unknown backups by Fabian Rangel, Jr. and Ryan Cody, another great pulp story.


Fabian decides to aid his old flame, the rogue Jezebel, on a journey across the sea to THE ISLAND OF DREAMS. Step one: stealing a ship!  Plus: pirates.

Barbiere adds even more to the mythos of Five Ghosts with the addition of a new Ghost early in the issue. The character chosen to be incorporated into the story fits the setting perfectly and allows for some interesting developments. The inclusion of some more secondary characters fleshes out Fabian’s past some more, which is always a treat. The best bit of story, in my opinion, has to be Frank killing a pirate with his real-life friend Donny Cates’ name, all born from a Twitter conversation.

Mooneyham, as always, absolutely makes the book his own. The art is perfect for the story, capturing all the pulp sensibilities and action, while also making the softer, quieter moments very human. Colorist Lauren Affe and her colors make the book a complete next-level project. The warm tones for the sea and coastal scenes give the new setting a very different feel from the drab, demure colors used back in England.

Five Ghosts continues to be one of the most consistently quality books on the stands. The unique world and concept of the book come together with the writing and art to make something that hasn’t really been done in comics before. The bonus of the Doc Unknown story from Rangel and Cody makes this book even more of a great buy.

Five Ghosts 8 Cover

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson


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