COMIC REVIEW: Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2

FiveGhosts_2CoverIn Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray the titular Fabian Gray must deal with his demons, figurative, literal, and literary. Fabian has been possessed by the “ghosts” of five literary figures: The Archer, The Vampire, The Samurai, The Wizard, and The Detective. In the five-part miniseries by Frank Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham, Fabian must face his demons and figure out what is wrong with his ghosts.

In the first few pages, we see the strong bond that Fabian and his sister Silvia had growing up and it’s this which ultimately fuels his drive to save her. Then, Fabian wakes up in the caves of the Spider Tribe and is confronted with a terrible sight. It’s only as things are about to get especially dire that Fabian’s abilities kick back in and he’s able to access the expertise of the ghosts. Using their powers, he rescues his friend and they begin to escape, only to be confronted with a colossal spider. It’s after Fabian loses control that they are rescued by a man known as Zhang Guo and board an zeppelin to get away.

Barbiere keeps the pacing quick in this issue, but this only serves to keep the reader excited and interested. He manages to not only give more background on Fabian and his sister, but also introduce the new character of Zhang Guo. Zhang Guo seems to have some sort of connection to Fabian, if his own glowing jewelry is a sign, but that remains to be seen. The last page with the sinister Iago gives a sort of grim tone and sets up what will surely be an interesting showdown.

Mooneyham’s art is great for this book. It’s pulp-like feel fits the story perfectly. Mooneyham can draw anything from giant spiders to fight scenes to zeppelins and make it all look great. The assistance of S.M. Viduarri on colors helps to really make the visuals stand out and really help bring the whole package together.

This is another great issue in a, so far, stellar story. If the next three issues can keep up this momentum, then this will surely be one of the best books of the year.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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