COMIC REVIEW: Halcyon and Tenderfoot

Halcyon and Tenderfoot is the latest comic strip by one half of the creative team that brought you Sugar Glider, Daniel Clifford. Clifford has set up his own publishing company Art Heroes with partner Lee Robinson. The premise is to release Halcyon and Tenderfoot quarterly both physically and digitally.

Issue 0 was released at Thought Bubble and gives the reader a taster of what is to come. The story follows two characters: the first ever superhero Halycon, a Golden Age hero. He inspired others to become heroes leading to the creation of a Justice League like team, The Glory Guild. The other is Tenderfoot, a young kid who is just starting his superhero career.

The story is an interesting one that shows a renaissance back to the older more traditional hero. Clifford and Robinson seem bored of seeing the anti-hero of the Rorschachs of the comic book world getting the spot light and instead decides to analyse what actually makes someone a hero. What is more, the story of Tenderfoot reads how you might expect Clifford to be if he had superpowers. He is young and hopeful for the future. He is enthusiastic and ready to take on the world the way the Golden Age did.

Clifford and Robinson have perfect pacing, allowing the characters to build ready for Issue 1 in March. Robinson’s style is a homage to The Incredibles as is the story to some degree. Both compliment each other perfectly. Page five is where we truly start to see how good this creative team could be. Robinson’s art and the pacing of the dialogue by Clifford really builds tension for the reader, wanting to turn the page to find out what will happen next. Further Robinson’s use of light works well continuing to build the drama of the piece. This is incredibly important in a comic book that is black and white.

Halcyon and Tenderfoot is an interesting start to a comic book series. It is an adventurous step Art Heroes are taking but the quality is there, producing a comic book that everyone can enjoy. To find out more about Art Heroes

GS Rating: 3 and ½ out of 5
GS Reporter: Luke James Halsall

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