COMIC REVIEW: Half Past Danger 2: Dead to Reichs #1

Half Past Danger 2 Issue 1 Review

Nobody talks about how many dinosaurs died in WWII. But three months after Sergeant Tommy Irish Flynn and Captain John Noble wiped them out while foiling a Nazi plan, the boys are back, hot on the trail of some Dino DNA stolen by their former ally, Agent Elizabeth Huntington-Moss! The Nazis must be stopped before they can unleash their doomsday weapon!

You know that sinking feeling you get just before you see a friend you’ve not seen in years? Where you worry about how much you’ve both changed in the intervening years? Well that’s was how I’ve felt ever since Stephen Mooney announced the launch date for Half Past Danger 2.

You see Half Past Danger vol 1 holds pride of place on my top ten comics of all time list. It earned that place by being a dammed fun comic with Dinosaurs, Nazis, a Doc Savage/Captain America tribute act, a Ninja and a deadly femme fatale. This was all wrapped up in some thrilling set pieces (that train sequence…wow). If the sound of all that doesn’t get your pulp adventure vibe on nothing will.

So there I was holding my iPad, in shaking hands worried because after Half Past Danger I was worried that Stephen had used up all the tricks in his magical artistic bag. However when I started reading and found the first two pages to be a recap of HPD 1 I knew I was in safe hands. Once again Mooney proves he knows the pulp adventure genre inside and out. Starting with a recap was reminiscent of those old Republic cliffhanger serials where you would get a recap of the previous episode before throwing you back into the thick of the action. If you’ve never read the comic before the great thing about the recap is that it gives you the chance to dive straight in with this issue. I daresay a few folks will read the recap and issue 1 and then go and pick up volume one, something I would recommend.

To say Stephen runs with the idea of ‘throwing you into the action’ as he reintroduces us to our hero Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn is an understatement. Now I love all the Half Past Danger characters but what brings the world to life is Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn. Every panel he’s in throughout this issue sees him either snapping out one liners, getting punched or just getting the raw end of the deal. Flynn’s the kinda of mate we all have, the one who you love having a drink with but always ends up getting you into trouble.

Mooney’s art in HPD volume 1 was stellar and I thought it couldn’t get any better but I was wrong. It’s clear reading HPD 2 issue 1 that Mooney hasn’t been slumming it in the intervening years between stories. His art now feels more assured, as does his writing. I also have to give mad props to Triona Farrell’s colours in this issue, which were fantastic. Although there is a lot of action in the first half of the issue, Mooney spends the second half focusing on the characters, especially the friendship between John Noble (is it wrong I want to call him Doc Noble?) and Irish. The pair share some great banter in this issue.

As for the plot well it’s tough to talk about that without spoiling but suffice to say things have changed for all those who survived the events of the first story.

The only thing that left me wanting more is that I would have liked to see more of how Irish is dealing (or not dealing) with the big choice he made in volume 1. We’re told that the choice haunts him in the recap and this is hinted at in a few scenes but I wanted more. Of course this is only the first issue so I’ve got my fingers crossed that Flynn’s demons get explored as the story progresses.

So if you loved Half Past Danger then brew yourself a pot of tea, get the biscuits out and find a comfortable armchair and get ready to spend 32 pages of two fisted fun (ok that sounds plain wrong) with Flynn and co.

I also dare you not to finish reading this and not use the word ‘Feckin’ in the first conversation you have with anyone.

Oh and spoiler….a shed load of Nazis get punch in the face…a lot.

Half Past Danger 2: Dead to Reichs #1  comes out 20th September. You can get all the latest news on the comic by following Stephen Moon on Twitter @Stephen_Mooney

Title: Half Past Danger 2: Dead to Reichs #1 review

Publisher: IDW

Rating:  4/5

Reviewer: Nuge

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