COMIC REVIEW: Harvest, Issue 2

Harvest issue 2 continues to follow the story of Ben, our drunk surgeon who is no longer allowed to practice medicine. He is given another chance to be a surgeon by becoming an organ donor harvester. He takes organs from people illegally and gives them to the highest bidder. Think Breaking Bad meets ER.

It is an interesting concept but so far Harvest is yet to truly impress. In this issue we are thrown head first into the action, leaving the reader to pick up the pieces and work out what has happened. Unfortunately after this, the issue feels more like filler than anything else. We follow Ben as we see him being enticed into the underbelly of the world that he has accepted to become a part of and its cruel realities.

Scripted by A.J Lieberman (writer) and Colin Lorimer (artist) the issue works perfectly well, I felt that it is not needed. The reader is already aware that this world of illegal harvesting is hardly a rosy one and could easily put two and two together about how Ben became apart of it. All of these links were already placed in the reader’s mind after issue one, so why issue two needed to spend all of its time showing us, made little sense. To spend issue two on exposition when you have yet to completely hook the reader seems madness. This all flows into the same mindset that a comic book is not the important thing anymore; it is the graphic novel.

If this was a graphic novel, one chapter of the book like this would not be much of a worry as you had the rest of the book to enjoy afterwards. But when you only have this one issue, it is taking a lot of trust in the reader that they will bother to buy issue three. Further for a doctor, Ben is shown to be rather naïve, never understanding what he was truly getting himself in to. This seems an odd plot twist as it surely would be clear to any doctor that if you were taking organs from someone illegally for another that this might not be as nice as the businessman spun it to you.

The art however is stunning and really suits this story. Further the colours make the characters stand out, giving them real depth.  There is one scene where Ben is talking to his new boss Jason and a glow of red surrounds them. This makes the scene really impactful, adding greater suspense and tension to what will happen afterwards.

Harvest Issue Two is a perfectly well-formed issue but it comes across as unimaginative as the reader has likely already made many of these links in their head. Overall, the concept is interesting and is something that could bring you back for more but something clever must happen in issue three. This cannot be too much of a slow burn and is a perfectly formed misstep but one that may still lead to more.

Rating: 2.5/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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