Harvest is the story of a doctor called Ben who has become a body harvester. Ben is a drug addled alcoholic who no longer is allowed to operate on people. Think Breaking Bad meets Trainspotting.

The first issue works well to develop the world and the surroundings that Ben lives in. We feel the grit, the grime of his life and how far he is falling. The opening of a new series is always very important and here, writer A.J Lieberman and artist Colin Lorimer have worked hard to pull it off.

They don’t give away too much but it is enough to be tantalising; to make you want to find out what has happened to this person and how he has managed to get himself stuck in this predicament. The greatest achievement of these opening pages is that it feels like our ‘hero’ is the typical protagonist. At this stage it would seem like he has yet to fall to the depths that he has. It is only at the end of the scene that we discover the truth. It does its job by drawing you in, wanting to discover more about the man and why he is doing these things. This occurs later on in the issue in a similar way where we think that one character is someone else. It is a clever technique that leaves us with a protagonist who is not like the norm. He seems selfish and does not really worry about what he is doing.

The page layouts work well and are stunningly put together. The art really suits the story, with the colouring really adding an extra depth to the story. It feels moody and realist in this horrible and all too actual world. The dialogue is strong with some nice touches. As a general rule it feels natural: something that is very difficult to achieve. Yet one issue is with Ben himself. The drug addled alcoholic does feel slightly clichéd. The concept manages to make the character still interesting but we will have to see whether the concept will manage to bring something fresh to these characteristics we have not seen before.

I would see Image as the HBO of comics. Harvest is a slow burner that leaves us with lots of questions and interesting places to take the concept. However with such quality out there I am not sure whether there is enough there to keep you coming back for more. There is definitely something though and it is worth checking out.

Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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