COMIC REVIEW: Hero Cats of Stellar City

Hero Cats coverCats. Superheroes. Cats who are superheroes.  I was sold at just the title of this one.  I mean, CATS WHO ARE SUPERHEROES.

The world forever changed with the arrival of super heroes in Stellar city along with the menacing threats that followed. Villains began to sprang forth like clockwork bringing with them minions and henchmen ready to wreak havoc on the city. While these super threats were being handled by the ever vigilant Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl, their minions began to slip through the cracks. The citizens of the city were unfortunately the beneficiaries, until a team of brave cats decided to pick up the slack. Enter the Hero Cats! Who are they you ask?


Cassiopeia and The Gang

Cassiopeia and The Gang

Before you ask, yes I am a cat lover.  I have two of my own furry companions so of course I was going to read Hero Cats.  Although, now I just want to put Robert Meowney Jnr in spandex and send him out to fight crime (don’t worry, I won’t).

Hero Cats are seen through the eyes of Cassiopeia (the book worm) as she fights crime and aliens with Ace (the leader), Midnight (the mysterious one), Belle (the brains who can read human minds), Rocket (the tech genius) and Rocco (the cuddly muscle).  Cassie grew up in Stellar City and was taken in by Miss Lillian.  After her daughter went on a space mission and lost contact with earth, Cassie goes to live with Miss Lillian’s family while they wait for her daughter Amelia to come home.  But Cassie’s senses something in the air at her new home.  There’s a mystery that needs solving somehow, she just doesn’t know what.  The team of furry felines have to start doing battle with humans, aliens, robots…. you name it, they’re on the case.  Each member of the team has their own story to tell along the way too.  And each story is touching in it’s own way.

There's A LOT going on here...

There’s A LOT going on here…

Hero Cats is absolutely bonkers and love it.  I love the style of the comics, the colours and the story.  As a self confessed Crazy Cat Lady, Hero Cats is a must for any other cat lovers out there.  And it will make you wonder what your furry friends are up to whenever they leave the house.  I’d keep an eye out for any cat sized spanex under the bed if I were you.

Title: Hero Cats of Stellar City

Publisher:  Action Lab Entertainment

Rating: 4/5


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