In 1992 a plague ravaged the world. Totally unprepared for the fast spreading illness mankind was made nearly extinct, with only .5% being immune and seeing 1993. Fast forward to the year 2015 and life has stuttered but continued, mostly in the form of strongholds and settlements. This story follows the settlement of Kranburn, a small town built on what was once the rooftop car park of an old shopping centre. 95.5% of humanity is dead.

All that is left are settlements dotted throughout the landscape. In this kill or be killed environment the peaceful settlement of Kranburn cannot continue to take the passive route when might equals right and a mad dictator to the north has every intention of destroying them. Kranburn is a story seen mostly from the point of view of Brand, a resident of Kranburn.

When I read that this was an Australian comic based in post-apocalyptic Australia, my mind naturally fast-forwarded to the Mad Max films. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as, apart from the very intense “The Road”, most recent post-apocalyptic world based material seems to be zombie-based. And yes, they are similarities between Max & Kranburn… cannibalized cars, hockey masks, dog food for dinner – this world is stark, frightening & brutal – if you had a family here, you’d probably consider putting yourselves out of your misery. Man has turned on himself to survive, and fear & the perception of fear makes all the difference here. Brand, the lead protagonist, is clearly an honourable man, the kind of guy you’d want in your corner; but he understands that you need to be seen by all others, as being prepared to go that one step further, in ensuring that your enemies or would-be enemies give you a wide berth.

The story arc across the first two episodes is definitely quite compelling – I need to go on line and carry on reading. I won’t spoil it for you, but all is not what it seems amongst the various surviving enclaves. The hierarchy that rule Kranburn are a little stereo-typed in not believing the immediate threat outside their doors (think the council of Amity Island: “Shark? What shark!?”), but they serve to give Brand some internal friction. The artwork is distinct, and I really did like the panel editing – full marks for the last page of issue 1 which I did not see coming! If you fancy something a bit gritty for a change… take a trip to Kranburn.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: SilverFox

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  1. Leo Johnson /

    Sounds really cool! I’ll definitely have to check it out.

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