Krazybov is a free anthology of assorted stories ranging from a variety of genres. Most of the stories have great pacing showing that they know how to write a comic book. For example Rooftop, Pictures Don’t Lie and Zero Man all work well.

Zero Man is a work of art. A stunning story with a truly intriguing character that portrays the love of films like Saw so well. The pacing is good, with a script that heightens the tension. Definitely the highlight of the book, leaving the reader wanting to see more.

Soda Ninja is the perfect example of a two page story with a funny little quirk right at the end. The pay off here is worth it.

In Rooftop and Pictures Don’t lie there seems to be something missing. The big come off is not as great as it may have been expected.

In Great Days, the artwork is competent, providing a good layout for the piece. Sometimes there seems to be too many words on the page. In a comic book this can be a bad thing, with the motto less is more often being the case. The balloons sometimes describe what we already see occurring in the panel and therefore leave either the panel or the caption pointless. It is understandable the difficulties with so few pages but at the same time it is felt that certain things could have been tightened in the script. The final gag works well, providing the chuckle the writer is looking for.

Further The Suicider although you will be able to see the bittersweet finale, the actual story is too dark and grim, almost being bleak just because it can be.

The key problem with this book is the editing. Although a decent story, Grey Days would have worked better in a different place. It is not strong enough to be the first story and actually could put people off from reading more which is a shame because there are some gems in this anthology such as Zero Man that deserve to be seen.  For example, Soda Ninja would have worked better here then later.

GS Rating: 3 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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