COMIC REVIEW: Legend of Luther Strode #1

legend-of-luther-strode-11Way back in 2011 (really not that long ago at all), complete unknowns Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore had a book published by Image called The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. In what was essentially a comic book fairy tale, these two unknowns not only did alright with their book, but succeeded. They went from two random guys with a comic to two creators with legitimate careers in the comic book industry in less than a year. This week, the follow-up to Strange Talent began.

This is the Legend of Luther Strode.


Five years after Luther goes from bullied geek to silent, violent avenger, he’s become a legend. He’s the boogeyman that the drug lords and hitmen whisper to each other about. In the years since he gained his strange talent and lost so much more, Luther has taken it upon himself to take care of criminals once and for all. One criminal boss has now taken it on himself to confirm that Luther is more than just a legend, and actually a real person, one that he hopes can be killed. Even after Luther slaughters a dozen of his men, Mr. Hill still rejoices, knowing that Luther is real, and also because he has someone from Luther’s past on his team.

Justin Jordan has written a wonderful first issue for this second act of his Luther Strode story. Legend starts off quick, dirty, and violent, and never lets up. Every single page keeps the story hurtling along until the shock at the end. I love how Luther’s face is never actually shown, just his mask. It helps to cement the fact that Luther is no longer really Luther, as his life was forever changed in the first act, but has instead become the legend that the criminals believe him to be.

Tradd Moore is no slouch on art. Though Luther doesn’t say a word throughout the comic, his presence is overpowering. The way Tradd portrays him as this hulking, menacing, shadowy being of violence is magnificent. And the way Tradd draws that exploding head on page 2, man, that’s just something else.

I was very excited for this continuation of one of my most enjoyed miniseries of the last year. This first issue didn’t leave me wanting either. As the first act was a tragedy, Jordan states that this next act will be about redemption and resurrection. I can only imagine how Jordan will guide Luther through such things, but I know I’ll be along for the ride.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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