Lost: Boys is another publication by Disconnected Press that is giving young artists the chance to show what they are made of. All the stories are written by Lizzie Boyle. Like with the Disconnected anthology, Jimmy is the perfect story to start it.

An anthology needs an intriguing, interesting story and Jimmy does just that. The art compliment the work beautifully with some really nice visuals of Jimmy.

Billy is a poignant little tale. Creatively, as a fan of David Bowie I loved the story of Tom that uses Bowie lyrics as captions to tell the story. It is clever and works well, better than it might be expected. Further the pictures compliment the lyrics successfully. Whereas Lee produces some breathtaking art. McClement’s really pushes the boundaries with some out there techniques that add depth to the story. For example the use of film reel to portray an important part of the story. Further it works well as a final story in the anthology, completing it nicely.

Lost: Boys is a nice collection of stories. There is some real creativity on show here from both the writer and the artists involved. Both books released by Disconnected Press illustrate this, showing that it is a publisher with a promising future with some exciting talent. You can check it out here.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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