maracomicImage Comics latest offering Mara is an exciting take on the cult of celebrity. A Sci-fi tale with a remarkable  female lead.

Brian Wood’s story follows titular character Mara, an athlete from the distant future who is at the top of her game. Volleyball is her sport and it’s hugely popular with athletes revered as top celebrities and accompanied by frenzied fans and followers, making millions of dollars and living in the lap of luxury.

In this issue (1 of 6) we are introduced to her character. We see her playing a big league volleyball game and learn about her past and where she’s come from. We also learn that Mara is unique, she has superhuman abilities.

Rising star Ming Doyle has provided the artwork for Bryan Wood’s vision and it is a brilliant fit for the tone of the story. His facial features are beautifully detailed and expressive, which makes up for the fact that some of the backgrounds are very simple and repetitive, although these backgrounds really show off his artistic flare for the human form. Jordie Bellaire is on colours duty and the comic has a gorgeous red and brown hue to it. It really compliments Doyle’s artwork and makes the comic seem oddly corporate and chilling at times, hinting at a dystopian future.

The only problem is this comic doesn’t see enough interaction with Mara in this issue. As it’s an introductory issue we were just left with an abundance of captions explaining her back story and setting the scene. You get a sense of that through the drawings and spoken dialogue anyway, so we could have done without so many of those plot-explaining captions.

However, we are very much intrigued by the story and really enjoyed the look of the artwork, so If you like a bit of clever sci-fi and strong female leads you should definitely put this on your wishlist.

Mara is published by Image Comics and the story will consist of 6 self contained issues coming out monthly. Issue 2 is out on January 30th.

Rating: 3.5/5
Sara Westrop

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