MindMGMT_13_CoverWith the stunning revelation of last issue, Matt Kindt and Mind MGMT head in a bit of a new direction, bringing new characters and conflicts to one of the most mesmerizing and original monthly comics.

With the first page, a “Second Floor” page, summarizing events of the last twelve issues, things get started quickly in this issue. None of the regular cast are seen, instead we’re treated to multiple families living in a neighborhood. Each, it seems, finds certain faults with their neighbors, and each family has had a prized possession go missing recently. A few days after a neighborhood party, things start to go wrong. People are kidnapped, some are murdered, and more. But, it seems that one woman is waking up and finding her life.

Matt Kindt has made Mind MGMT one of the most unique and mysterious books on shelves. His story is complex and often leaves the reader a bit perplexed, but always satisfied. This issue is much the same. As the beginning of a new arc, it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, but since it features familiar characters only in the last two panels, it essentially throws the reader into a new world. This tactic makes the experience jarring and perplexing, but it’s obvious that something big is happening. The mention of certain things, like the Maltese Falcon, are sure to be more than just throwaway pieces of dialogue, so it should be interesting to see what Kindt has in store.

Kindt’s art, as always, is great. His painting is both great at capturing moods and expressions, and capturing moments of violence. The insecurities and feelings of the characters are on display as Kindt breathes life into them. The somewhat loose style adds to the story of deceit, mystery, and often surreal powers.

Mind MGMT continues to be one of the most unique and best books on the shelves. As something that Kindt strives to make special each month, it’s one of the best reason to read monthly comics.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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