Comic Review: Mister Who

Mister Who is detective meets vigilante. Lost everything that ever mattered to him, Mister Who seeks to rid the world of scum, gaining justice. Mister Who is the great equaliser, evening out the wrongs that have been committed in order for karma to level up.

Although the character of the noir detective has been done many times before, it still works very well and feels fresh enough to work here. The use of the theme of karma is effective and adds intrigue.

The pace is one of the books strong points, hardly missing a beat. The book starts with a bang, wasting little time to get running. This is a wise choice for a new comic book as it will probably keep more readers intrigued. However unfortunately it falters at the end. The ending of a new comic book is the most important part of an issue one and unfortunately this feels slightly limp at the end. This is a true shame when you think how the book starts: starting with a bang but ending in a whimper.

The artwork compliments the story and style. The colouring again is nicely done. The darker colours illustrate the grimness of the London background and the story. The layouts work reasonably well. In particular the contrast of colours from a normal book makes it distinct and thrives. With the backgrounds being white instead of the typical black, the panels stand out more then they would have otherwise. It would have been nice to see this flow all the way through the book instead of just a couple of pages.

The writers know when to let the artwork do the talking as there is not too much dialogue: it is just right. This is a huge strength as they know that less is often more in the comics genre.

Mister Who is a good first outing. It looks nice and keeps a reasonably good pace. Unfortunately the pace does not last all the way through, making it feel slightly deflated at the end. However there is enough promise here to say that there is something here to keep an eye on.

GS Rating: 3 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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