COMIC REVIEW: My So-Called Secret Identity, Volume I

mscsilogoIn March of this year, the web comic My So Called Secret Identity (MSCSI) was launched. Written by Will Brooker with art by Suze Shore and Sara Zaidan, new issues were unveiled every Sunday with every issue being financed via online sponsorship from fans.

Once the target for each issue was met, any additional funds collected were donated to a designated charity.  Now almost three months and forty-four pages later, MSCSI has reached the end of volume one, chapter two, and remains as engaging and well written as ever.

MSCSI focuses on the life of Catherine Abigail Daniels, a PhD student with almost unbelievable mental prowess. Think Sherlock Holmes levels of intellect, only combined with friendly social skills. Daniels lives and works in a city called Gloria.

Similarly to Gotham and Metropolis, Gloria has a multifaceted citizen caste. There are the ordinary citizens, and then there are the Heroes  and accompanying Villains with both sides having celebrity status. Once the narrative stage had been set, the main character of Catherine Daniels (Cat) discovered a specific and intriguing mystery to investigate. At least one of Gloria’s esteemed Heroes has a deeply buried skeleton in their closet.

The artwork continues to be naturalistic with framing that really allows the reader to become fully immersed in the comic universe. All the characters are well-rounded and feel fully realised, especially Cat who often seems like she could step off the page. The details in Cat’s clue journals (case notes) are often varied and intricate.

Fans have embraced the idea of  ‘smart as a superpower’ and the MSCSI site now has a full Gloria City Soundtrack as well as a thriving forum.

Issue 1 will be available online permanently, for free. Future issues will be funded via donations (suggested minimum $5.00 / approx. £3.23) MSCSI is a not-for-profit and makes regular donations to a registered women’s refuge charity. Any monies raised from issue 2 will go to support the women’s UK outreach charity, A Way Out.

Issues 1 and 2 are now available via the website archive. Donations for issue 3 are currently closed, but previous donations unlocked special bonuses such as digital wallpaper art, deleted scenes and previews of ‘lookbook’ (character development) pages.

If you want to read a well written, well drawn, engaging ongoing story, then I strongly suggest you check out the current volumes of My So-Called Secret identity. You can learn more about MSCSI on Facebook or Twitter.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Reporter: Faintdreams

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