COMIC REVIEW: No More Heroes #3

If you’re anything like me, a week or so ago you had no idea who Gordon Mclean was or what the comic No More Heroes was about. If you’re anything like me, change that aspect very quickly. I promise you that you won’t regret it.

A hero dies and his sidekick seeks revenge against those who killed him. Seems like pretty typical fare, right? Well, what if the hero killed himself? What if the reason he killed himself was a “yes” reply from a random number? What if it seems his nemesis may somehow be involved despite it all? With No More Heroes we’re left to answer these questions.

The hero Dark Justice is found dead. Suicide seems to be the cause. The night before, a phone is his possession sent out a message with the simple question, “Should I kill myself?” to a random number, that of a drunken twenty-something. Seeing this as nothing more than a joke, he replies “yes”. The thing is, the phone that sent the message to Sid was registered to Dark Justice’s nemesis Jack Slaughter. Not willing to admit that Dark Justice would take his own life, his sidekick, Black Fury, seeks out Sid, Jack Slaughter, and answers.

Issue 3 starts with exploding elephants and continues with Sid and Black Fury getting closer and closer to Jack Slaughter. Sid and the B-list villain Pieces seek to pay off Pieces’ debt to Jack Slaughter by robbing the “Super Bank”, and Black Fury has no choice but to help, hoping a successful robbery will lead them closer to Jack Slaughter. Sid gets his meeting with Jack and Black Fury takes him down. Jack Slaughter is unmasked and we’re left hanging, knowing only the disbelief on the part of Black Fury and Sid.

I read the three issues of No More Heroes all in one sitting and was left just absolutely wanting the resolution as soon as I finished issue three. As a whole, Gordon Mclean does a wonderful job with the storytelling and scripting. Any and all flashbacks, such as the one that occurs here in issue three only add to the story and don’t confuse or muddle anything. The dialogue may honestly be my favorite part of it all. It just seems to flow like real conversation. This may not seem like much of an achievement when you just say it like that, but far too many comics have dialogue that seems forced or dialogue that you can tell was only said that way because it sounded “cool”. Mclean makes his characters seem genuine and makes them talk genuinely. You get such a good sense of who each character really is through their dialogue and actions, which is a great thing.

Ciao Oliveira does great things with the art. The art style fits the tone of the story very well, and his characters are very expressive, making sure you know exactly how the characters feel just by looking at their face. The body language is also spot on. Art is obviously supposed to convey the imagery of the comic, but the attention to the details is what makes Oliveira’s art shine. Facial expressions are one of my big things in comics, and I was not disappointed here.

Overall, this was great. A great third issue to a series that I’m ashamed I’d never heard of before. I will be eagerly awaiting the fourth and final installment. No More Heroes won a Scottish Independent Comic Book award, and they definitely deserved it. I’m on board. I want to know what happened to Dark Justice. I want to know who Jack Slaughter is. The suspense is killing me and I hate waiting for the next issue. This is exactly how a good comic should be. If you don’t believe me, just head on over to the site and check out the free preview. It’s sure to catch your interest.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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