COMIC REVIEW: No More Heroes #4

NoMoreHeroesCoverIn the final issue of No More Heroes, the real cause of Dark Justice’s death is revealed and the true identity of Jack Slaughter is finally shown. The series is wrapped up in a way that almost no one was expected.

A random text message makes a superhero kill himself and now his sidekick is out to find out why. Twenty-something slacker Sid received a random message saying only, “Should I kill myself?”. In his drunken stupor, he replies, “Yes.” It’s only after the hero Dark Justice’s sidekick Black Fury appears that Sid realizes that was no ordinary message. Black Fury is sure that Dark Justice’s enemy Jack Slaughter is somehow behind his death and he aims to make Sid help him find out. This issue features the big reveal. Jack Slaughter is unmasked, the truth behind it all is discovered, and much more.

Gordon McIean has written a unique story with No More Heroes. It’s not your typical “sidekick avengers mentor” sort of story, as it involves rather ambiguous events surrounding the hero’s death. The true identity of Jack Slaughter and the actual reasons for Dark Justice’s death were quite the surprise, in my opinion. This series as a whole was a gem that was randomly revealed to me, and it wouldn’t’ve been the same without Gordon’s writing.

Ciao Oliveira’s art helps give the story the “superhero comic” feel, while still making stand out. Even with the simple black and white art, Oliveira manages to give life and depth to the art and make the character’s very visually appealing. The characters are all quite expressive, helping give the story a visual approach.

This issue was a wonderful way to wrap up the series as a whole. It wrapped up the story in a rather unexpected way, while still leaving it with a satisfying ending.

Rating: 5/5
Leo Johnson

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