COMIC REVIEW: The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

Bonkers.  Absolutely bonkers, but in the best way possible.  A robotic knight from the future awakened in medieval Prague, giant worm creatures and a female lead.  Two female leads in fact.  So yes, bonkers in the best way.

When Anna Kohl’s quest to discover the fate of her missing father leads her to the mechanical knight, Ritterstahl and a group of her father’s old comrades, she discovers that he was a part of a secret organisation dedicated to fighting the fiendish extra-dimensional Wurms!

The vile invaders are back once again and only the centuries-old Order can stop them. Specially equipped to fight these horrific creatures, the once mighty warriors and ingenious intellects have been ravaged by time.

Can the Order prevent all reality from unravelling?

This graphic novel is, and excuse my language, absolutely bat shit insane.  Robotic knights from the future, knights templaresque orders and massive worm creatures from another time and dimension.  Its a little it Lovecraft, a little bit Die Hard and a little bit Krull all thrown into together.  Bonkers.

Anna is on a mission to find out what happened to her father despite the fact that she never really bonded with him.  Whilst on her search for answers, she finds what’s left of a race of what can only be described as werewolves, and a robotic head that is the last relic of The Order that her father used to belong to.  And that’s just in the first six or so pages!  As she fights alongside her father’s old friends, she learns more about who she is and who her father was.  Turns out that Anna is different, just like her father was.  She ages much, MUCH slower than ‘normal’ humans meaning that she was still to hit her teens when her mother was a frail and dying old woman.  It has made her brash and bold, also much like her father.  The rest of the Order gradually warm to her (begrudgingly) and she is soon deep into the world of creatures from a different dimension that occasionally breach the the veil between the two and try to overrun the world.  It’s an age old trope but it works.


The comic is written by Kek-W (The Fall of Deadworld, Canon Fodder) and art is by the legendary John Burns  (Judge Dredd, George & Lynne), and the artwork is as exquisite as ever: bold colours splashed across mellow backgrounds and faces that just come to life on the page.  The plot is…interesting to say the least.  And ancient order who destroyed the race of werewolves were on course for a higher purpose: the Wurm incursion.  Yes, Wurms.  Giant worm creatures from another dimension in time.  I told you it was bonkers!  Anna teams up with the surviving members of the Order to stop the impending incursion in a sort of weird, LSD fuelled, medieval Prague Expendables montage of guns, rocket bombs and sass.

If you want medieval butt kicking fun that’s laden with grumpy old knights then this is for you.  It’s immense fun and perfect for a rainy Saturday in bed with a cup of tea.  And the installment that follows on from this, The Court of The Wyrmqueen offers up even more action, this time centuries later in Elizabethan London, and the addition of another kickass lady character who leads the charge.  It’s a steampunk twist on classic historical figures that really is completely mad fun.

Title: The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

Publisher:  2000AD

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer:  Vix

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