COMIC REVIEW: Patriot #1

The other day, I had a Twitter conversation with Jesse Grillo of Bleeding Ink Comics. He was nice enough to send over some copies of his comics for me to review. I was able to get my hands an unfinished copy of Patriot by Bleeding Ink Comics, and let me say it was great.

In Patriot, we find The Patriot, the world’s strongest hero and greatest protector. Thing is, he’s dying now. He’s got a tumor in his brain and about two weeks to live. With a world filled with villains that only he can defeat, what will happen when he’s gone? The Patriot doesn’t plan on letting the world find out and enacts some drastic measures to make sure the villains don’t bother anyone after he’s gone.

We start off with The Patriot coming home to his son, Jimmy, after a long absence. Jimmy is mad at first, but quickly feels guilty for berating his father. His father then drops on Tommy the fact that he has a tumor in his brain, and he has two weeks to live, according to the doctors. After Tommy gets over his initial upset, The Patriot outlines his last few days where he’s meditated and came to a conclusion: He must kill all the villains that only he could defeat. Tommy is taken aback, but listens as his dad outlines a meeting with the Union of Superheroes, where they were understandably less than happy with his decision. After the Patriot kills the villain Decimator, the Union comes to his house, demanding he surrender and be arrested for murder. The Patriot pushes Jimmy into a safe room, only for him to be captured by the Union, which goes less than well with The Patriot. He singlehandedly defeats all six heroes and demands his son be brought back.

Jesse Grillo is one of the undiscovered gems of the independent comic industry. Over at Bleeding Ink Comics, he’s making some of the best independent comics that I’ve seen. He’s writing and creating wonderful things that need to be in comic shops everywhere.

As a writer and creator, Jesse shows definite talent. The characters are well fleshed out and you feel genuine emotion for them. Their motivations are clear and well thought out. The story is paced nicely and moves along well. With just this one issue of story, I know that I’m hooked, and it usually takes a couple of issues to get me sold on a series. You can feel the anguish written into the Patriot, and also see the dark wisdom in his decision to take the course he’s chosen.

The artwork is wonderful. It’s just fantastic. The character expressions and facial detail stand out, especially. You can see the weariness on the Patriot’s face; you can see what the weight of his burden and the news he’s received has done to him. You can see the power in the Patriot’s body and the strength of this man. Overall, the art meshes well with the story, helping bring the whole work together in a nice way.

Overall, this is a great gem of a comic from a great, largely unknown talent. Jesse Grillo and his team should be making tons of money for the awesome work that they put out, but sadly they don’t. They’re definitely a wonderful indie comic team, and deserve all the praise and success and the world.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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