RESET HCImagine an Adam Sandler movie, but a good one, made into a comic – that’s the basic feel I get from Reset. Guy Krause is a down on his luck, former movie star. During a traffic class, he’s a approached by a woman who wants him to sign up for a special study.

After accepting the offer, Guy finds that they have a machine that let’s him relive large chunks of his life, and gives him the option to make different decisions. What follows is full of comedy, and a little bit of romance.

Peter Bagge pulled both art and story duties on the miniseries. His story instantly reminded me of an Adam Sandler movie, but unlike most of Sandler’s recent movies, Reset was both funny and enjoyable. Krause is a bit of a curmudgeon, but you easily sympathize with him as he’s thrust into weird situations and forced to go through with odd requests. Overall, the story was a great concept, and while the ending may have been somewhat easily figured out, the final payoff was well worth it.

The art goes well with the story, and lends well to the comedy of the overall story. While it’s not “beautiful” art or “refined” art, the cartoon-y nature of the art is very fitting for the story. The tale of a washed-up, cranky comedian deserves to be rendered in such a style, and it adds to the comic.

I enjoyed Reset, more than thought I would, honestly. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the story, but as the story progressed and evolved, and things got a bit more ridiculous, I grew to like Guy and the other characters more. Reset is well worth a read, especially if you’re a comic reader looking for something a little more unconventional and different from the standard Batman story.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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