Our favourite adorable alien family is back in Saga #19 from Image Comics. It looks like things have settled down for Alana and Marko, but for how much longer?

SAGA returns! New planet, new adversaries, and a very new direction, all from the same old Hugo Award-winning team.

And jeez they weren’t kidding! This issue ends with a heartbreaking bombshell that’s going to have repercussions throughout the rest of this story, if it’s played out as simply as it’s put.

Saga does specialise in gut wrenching cliffhangers, but they don’t always play out quite how you’d expect. That Brian K. Vaughan is a shifty bugger.

The rest of the issue feels lighter, though the first panel is amazingly graphic in it’s nature. It’s a nice relaxed return that focuses more on the core family, with a brief look at the history of the robots in the endless war.

There’s a lot of humour especially centred around Alana in this issue, we also see her temper nearly ruin the set up she’s created for herself and her family.¬†Though the family seem settled and safer now, there is a sense of unease throughout the issue. Marko is clearly not happy about his stay at home Dad role, to the point which he risks getting them all caught by going outside in, quite frankly, one of the worst disguises possible.

With both parents behaving recklessly you get the sense this status quo won’t stay like this for long.

The artwork is stunning, as ever and there’s a subdued more neutral colour palette this issue, which reflects the tone of this comic. It feels like not much happens, but then with the ending you need to go back and read through the issue again to pick up on subtle hints as to where the story is going.

Fiona Staples gets to draw some gorgeous and really animated new characters in this issue. Yuma is an amazing creation, we hope someone attempts a cosplay as her some day. The family’s new pet is also a delight and Haze is the cutest toddler put down on paper.

We’re really eager to get to the next issue just to see what happens next! But we are also terrified at how things may change in the Saga universe.

The tagline for the issue #20 just reads ‘Something terrible happens.’… It’s going to make us cry isn’t it?

Title: Saga #19

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Sara Westrop

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