Hopefully, you’re at least marginally aware of this sci-fi space epic that has taken the comic world by storm this year. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples team up to bring us what may just be the best new book of the year.

They seek to tell the story of Marko and Alana as they must traverse a universe that is out to kill them and their daughter. Ghost babysitters, spider-woman bounty hunters, and lie-detecting cats are all a part of this crazy, fantastic story.

Guys, bad news: This was the last issue for two months. Good news: It was awesome. While not much actually happens in the issue, it still serves as a magnificent story. Marko, Alana, and Hazel make it the Rocketship Forest and board their tree/ship. The Will promises to kill Prince Robot and everyone he loves. Sacrifices are made. Grandparents see their grandchild.

Though the story only progresses by what seems like mere hours, the character development is tremendous. We learn things about Hazel, the grown-up narrator version, that is, see some parental interaction, and even meet the grandparents! BKV effortlessly slips in plot elements, making them “belong”, just as they should. With something as simple as the words, “And then my grandparents came to live with us.”, a plot point is well established and a conflict resolved. Just wonderful writing.

Fiona Staples make the art her own, as always. Everything is beautiful. I honestly can’t make it sound good enough. Rather than reading me talking about it, just go read the comic and take in the beautiful visuals. That’s a much better way to do it justice than reading my feeble attempts at describing its beauty.

Saga is just hitting all the right notes. Not a single issue has been off yet. I just don’t want to wait for the next one. The next two Saga-less months will be torture. In the meantime, I believe a trade will be available, so that’s something.

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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