COMIC REVIEW: Satellite Sam Issue 2

Matt Fraction has recently become untouchable. About four or five years ago I felt that his work was very on and off. He would go from writing one of the best issues of something one month, to dire the next. Yet he has really found his form of late, producing some of the best books of his career let alone on the comics shelf: from Fantastic Four, to his seminal Hawkeye, everyone is talking about Fraction and rightfully so. Yet, even only two issues in, it would seem that Satellite Sam is the crowing jewel in his budding comics kingdom.

The story continues to build on the fledging 1951 television show Satellite Sam. After the events of issue 1 will it be able to continue or will the production team need to pitch something new?

Fraction’s work brims with style and confidence. Further as shown with Hawkeye, he is not afraid to try something new and innovative. His work in Sam stands out as the panel structures are not like anything that you would see in any other comic, making other writers clamber to be as good as he is. The Mad Men of comics, Satellite Sam has a real flair to it. Fraction’s dialogue is scintillating. There are no big action scenes in Sam, the story is powered by the strength of the dialogue and Fraction is flexing his muscles showing just how good he has become.

The artwork by Howard Chaykin suits the mood of the book to a tea. A scratchy, smoky feel to it that automatically allows the reader to join the dots with the period the book is set in. With an exciting cliff-hanger at the end of the book, Sam continues to go strength to strength, leaving the reader begging to find out what is going to happen.

Fraction is on fire at the moment but Satellite Sam is possibly the best thing he has done. Stylish and full of substance it is one of the most exciting comics to be coming out of any publisher at the moment.

GS Rating: 5/5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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