Comic Review: Seeds

How do you review a comic that has reduced you to tears on both readings?

In a departure from the usual spectacular super human worlds Com X comics usually inhabit, they are publishing Seeds.  Seeds  is the debut comic from Ross McIntosh a Yorkshire native.

Seeds details the last days of Mackintosh’s father from his cancer diagnosis, through his decline and beyond his death.

Mackintosh wanted to craft a story for his family but has revealed it to the wider world, choosing the comic medium because so many of his memories from this time are visual. The comic medium thus becomes a perfect craft for this story.

This is an incredible debut work for many reasons.  Mackintosh h shows an incredible knack for storytelling, a hard task when putting together a biopic and his art is deceptively simple.  Each page is composed of a six panel structure with a basic black and white art style which is incredibly powerful.  In fact it is true to say that any more polished would have detracted from the gut wrenching beauty of this story.

We get a clear insight not only into the kind of man that Mackintosh’s  father was but also into the dynamics of this father/son relationship and the consequences on the wider family.

All the way through there are little gems which make you want to ring up Mackintosh and say I know, I know.

The spectre of cancer has cast it’s shadow on my life in many ways and I am at a stage in life where I am watching my father slowly become physically less than he was ( not due to cancer).  As such this book tore apart my heart and put it back in place with the assurance that while this is not an easy process, I am far from alone.

For those seeking some catharsis, this is an incredibly important work. For those seeking a glimpse into a beautiful but bitter slice of life, it’s an equally worthwhile read.

Seeds is available in April from Com.x priced £6.99 in the UK and $10.99 in the U.S. It is listed in the February Previews catalogue (Previews Code FEB110891).

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