COMIC REVIEW: Sensory Distortion

A couple of days ago I had a Twitter conversation with Jesse Grillo of Bleeding Ink Comics, a true indie comic studio. Jesse was kind enough to send me some digital copies of his comics so I could review them for you guys. The following review is for his graphic novel Sensory Distortion.

Sensory Distortion is a horror story of a different of a different kind. It follows a group of college age kids as they head out for a little trip. Having to ditch their mushrooms because of a cop, they look around for something else to trip on. They find a teenager that sells them something known as “Devil Weed”, a Native American plant that will guarantee them the trip of a lifetime. Little do they know that the Devil Weed is actually used in a manhood ritual among the tribe, and makes the user see and face their greatest fear, and only the strong survive the experience. As the group starts to die one by one, the race is on to overcome and escape the fear.

Jesse Grillo sets this story up so nicely. It reads like a horror movie, but a good one. The way he paces the story is wonderful. All the characters all well-defined in the short time it takes you to read the book, and you really feel for Karen who is the main character. She especially is fleshed out and the attachment to her as a character is something that you genuinely feel, or at least I did. I’m usually not one much for horror comics, but this was written well enough that it is not only a good horror comic, but a good comic period.

David Brame does wonders with the art. At times super trippy, at times a little disorienting, it all works so well with the concept of the book. He really brings out the story and fear sequences so well with his artwork. Heather Breckel’s color compliment Brame’s art well and make the comic as a whole a well thought out and executed endeavor.

Overall, this graphic novel was great. Like I said, I don’t generally like horror comics, but this was a genuinely good comic, regardless of genre. The story and art come together to make this a welcome addition to anyone’s comic library.

Go check out Jesse and Bleeding Ink Comics online at their Facebook page and Kickstarter pages. Help support a true independent publisher!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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