COMIC REVIEW: Spandex Issue 5

Spandex 5 continues the O.M.F.G story arc that was established in Issue 4. With the world recovering from some of the most ingenious zombies in comic book existence to the knowledge that Spandex has a mole in the team. Spandex continues to push the boundaries in everyway possible: from showing that small press comics can do crisis stories to the most outrageous cast of heroes and villains you are likely to read anywhere.

In this issue we begin to learn more about team leader Liberty and their origins. Although Eden’s stories are crammed with amazing story arcs, interesting characters and ingenious plot twists, there is actually something even better: the real emotion that you feel for these characters. This is most obvious here with Liberty’s origin. Eden tenderly covers the issue of coming out to your family and friends with grace and dignity. Spandex might be big, loud and colourful but there is also a heart.

The final page is shocking. It actually made me gasp as I never expected to see what I saw. This book like many others in the UK small press scene (Sugar Glider, Abnormals, The Standard, Villainous etc) are just exceptional. Each one of them has proven that they can produce shocks, twists and turns and most importantly top quality story telling. Spandex 5 continues this tradition.

Further a nice touch to Spandex is that it shows that having superpowers is not always what it is cracked up to be. This concept in itself is not innovative but the way it is executed is. We have seen Peter Parker struggle with his powers, blaming himself for what he did with them but at the same extent have we ever really seen a character go through the pain that Liberty seems to go through to use them? I would argue you would be hard pressed to find it.

Spandex’s humour stretches in everyway (much like some of its characters) providing gags for fanboys (the comment about Gulk changing his colour from green to red) as well as just laugh out loud moments

Colourful , funny and brilliantly paced, Spandex 5 continues to be an amazing array of cast members that you want to see more of (Don’t say that to Eden as the costumes are skimpy enough!) The stories are big, expansive, and interesting with a unique slant. There is nothing quite like Spandex. A joy to read.

GS Rating:4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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