COMIC REVIEW: Spandex – Issue 6

Spandex by Martin Eden is a comic book that not many could pull off. He manages to blend controversy perfectly with story. It feels natural and this is why it works. Also Eden has an uncanny ability that not many creators have: each issue is truly better than the last one.

There is no doubt why this series has been picked up by Titan. Spandex issue 6 continues to unravel the story of O.M.F.G questioning what the true identity of Diva is.

Eden’s story is epic in feel and stature. It would not be misplaced among the great DC crisis stories of recent times. One of Eden’s greatest strengths is his knowledge of his universe. Some creators only seem to know what is happening with the main storyline yet Spandex feels greater than that. It feels as if Eden, if he wanted to, could write thousands more stories on a throw away piece of dialogue as well as the vast array of characters that occupy the Spandex universe. For example the extra depth given to some of these characters by the one shots that come with the comic such as Hag are astounding.

Eden’s ability to break the boundaries is clear and works well: Eden is so far past the line he can’t even see it anymore but that is not a bad thing. With many creators you would say that they are doing it simply to shock us but I do not think that is the case for Eden. The shocks are worked well into the story and feel as if they have a place there, especially the final twist at the end of the issue. The killer ending will make any reader come back for more. It is one of the most interesting and shocking twists I have seen in a comic for quite some time. The only problem could be that it will be hard to top for the next issue but I have no doubt in Eden’s ability to do just that.

Yet more telling are the back-stories that Eden weaves through this issue. Yes Eden still does not even think about whether he should break boundaries but the compassion that is built for these characters is so effective. It is why this series works so well: we care about them.

Spandex continues to shock, excite and intrigue me. Eden is surely the heir to the X-Men thrown as Spandex maintains its place as one of the best indie comics out there in a highly competitive market.

GS Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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