COMIC REVIEW: Spike – A Dark Place #2

The second issue of the new Spike mini series is out and continues from where we left off with Spike captured by the Shark/frog demons about to be hurled out into space.  Of course Spike uses his wits and manages to avoid the cold dark of space by offering to guide the demons to what they want – the remains of the “seed”, the source of magic which Buffy destroyed in the comic series of Season 8.

Spike guides the demons to what they want but there is nothing left – mainly because a sexy demon named Morgan is there already. A fight ensues, flirting and one liners fly and before we know it there are yet two more new characters bursting in with an air of mystery.

This is traditional Spike material – mysterious women, big dumb demons, Spike being a smart arse.  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  We return to Sunnydale which is still a wreck following the events of Season 7 and Season 8.  Spike seems to believe the place is his “home” – which I suppose it is. He developed one of his most meaningful relationships there and literally became the man he is so it does make sense that the “lone wolf” has an attachment, especially as he has seemingly  given his last one up – Buffy.

I’d like to see where the story goes, I don’t think from what I have read it will be anything special but will probably be quite entertaining.

Source: Dark Horse
Reporter: Steven Stone

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