COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars Invasion: Revelations

 Jedi vs invading aliens…how could it possibly go wrong?

I’m jumping into the fray with a review of the third trade in this Star Wars EU series set 25 years or more after the end of Return of the Jedi. I’ve not read either of the previous two volumes having concentrated most of my EU reading on the Legacy and Clone Wars eras.

Undaunted I opened this trade to see that while Luke Skywalker is featured he’s very much a secondary or tertiary character. Our protagonist is Finn Galfridian, an inexperienced Jedi under the tutelage of Master Dray. The Galfridian family are at the heart of the story here as our two main threads track Finn’s efforts to prevent the assassination of a republic official as well as his mother and sister’s adventures aboard a liberated slaveship taken from the invading Yuuzhan Vong forces.

These aliens provide the titular invasion and whilst I’d heard of them I really knew little to nothing about them and the truth is you really don’t need to. Finn has a unique ability amongst the Jedi which gives him the potential to be a powerful weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong. The invaders aren’t always front and centre, they also provide the underlying threat against which events take place.

The art has a rough, sketchy and expressive look to it which for me stood out from the elements which were obviously heavily referenced such as AT-ATs and Star Destroyers.  I liked the design of some of the new elements, such as the additional starships, which follow the Star Wars design theme but add a new touch. I’m not sure the at-times cartoony exaggeration of facial expressions works for me in the Star Wars Universe.

The characters are interesting although they tend towards archetypes which have been well served by the Star Wars EU already (the inexperienced and rebellious Jedi, the spunky Princess, the noble leader) and whilst there are twists and turns I didn’t feel the plot did anything truly unexpected. Perhaps if I was more steeped in this period then I would have liked it more but as it was I can’t call this a “must read” given how much other Star Wars content there is out there.

Rating: 2/5
GS Reviewer: Dave W

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