COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars Legacy – War

Legacy War brings you a galaxy-spanning battle between a dizzying array of Star Wars factions, from Sith to Stormtroopers…but is it any good?

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Jan Duursema
Inker: Dan Parsons
Colourist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Collects: Star Wars: Legacy War #1-6

War is the 11th and final trade paperback in Dark Horse’s Legacy series, although strictly speaking it isn’t part of the Legacy series of comics, those finished at issue 50 and Legacy War was a separate miniseries which concludes events. I can’t claim to be an avid follower of Legacy, I think I’ve read about half of the trades, but I’ve got a reasonable grasp of who the characters are and the basics of the story. That’s part of the problem with this volume in fact, there are so many factions and characters that even someone with a more than passing familiarity can get quite lost. However I don’t think it’s unreasonable 11 volumes into a story to expect a certain familiarity and in truth the first issue collected does a great job of painting a picture of events in broad strokes. And anyway, if you boil it down to “good guys” and “bad guys” the story still works.

For the uninitiated Legacy is set a number of generations after the end of the films and focuses on Cade Skywalker a descendant of Luke. He’s a rebellious Force using Bounty Hunter but throughout his life has skirted between the Dark Side and the Light. His destiny to challenge Darth Krayt, leader of the One Sith, is played out in this storyline. In bringing about this duel we have all of the factions I referenced above coming into play. The feel of the Star Wars Universe at this point builds out from the OT. Everything is old and somewhat disheveled and between that and the smattering of alien language in people’s sentences it does feel a lot like Firefly, with Cade as Mal.

Artistically things are solid if not astounding, characters do go off-model now and then but it’s a huge cast so I can live with that, and the evolved designs of things like Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters are pretty inspired.

You may have sensed that the obvious aim here was an epic conclusion to the series and while it’s on a scale comparable to anything in the films I just didn’t get a sense of “epic”, whatever that means. In fact after 10 other trades containing 50 issues of the comic I could see people feeling a bit let down as things wrap up in only a couple of issues. It’s certainly not bad, in fact it’s very good, it’s just not great.

Rating: 4/5
Dry Slaps: 0
GS Reviewer: Dave W

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